Contribute to Insight

Write an article for an upcoming issue of Insight Magazine! If your piece is selected it will be printed in the magazine with your own byline AND you’ll get 15 points in your account to go towards any of our fabulous prizes!

Rules on submitting writing:

  • Any articles must be between 200-300 words in length.
  • Articles submitted will be edited and any grammatical or stylistic changes will be made by Insight editors.
  • Articles must be appropriate for one of our existing magazine sections (Word on the Street, Healthy Living, Sports & Athletics, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Technology Today, A Dose of Insight, or Relax & Play)
  • In order to earn points for a published article, you must create an account on the Insight website.
  • Attached articles must be submitted in a compatible Word document format (no pdf. or docx. will be accepted).

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