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Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 11.43.03 AMHilary Clinton’s resume speaks for itself. She’s packed so much into each of the prestigious positions she’s held that it can’t be contained in just a sequence of bullet points. We’ve had memoirs and books written on her and are actively awaiting the latest nonfiction piece on Mrs. Clinton, which will detail her work as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Since stepping down from that post after Mr. Obama’s first term, Clinton has yet to give an extensive interview to any publication. Who snagged her first? New York Magazine!

Since leaving the position of Secretary of State, neither Hilary nor Bill Clinton are in elected office or running for it – for the first time in decades! Both now focus on the Clinton Foundation. On the change of pace, says Hilary:

We get to be at home together a lot more now than we used to in the last few years…We have a great time; we laugh at our dogs; we watch stupid movies; we take long walks; we go for a swim. You know, just ordinary, everyday pleasures…Right now, we’re trying to just have the best time we can have doin’ what we’re doin’

It feels great, because I have been on this high wire for twenty years, and I was really yearning to just have more control over my time and my life, spend a lot of that time with my family and my friends, do things that I find relaxing and enjoyable, and return to the work that I had done for most of my life.”

For more on Clinton’s life after the White House – including her relationship with President Obama, as well as her future plans, check out the full interview here.





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