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Everyone has pretty much grown accustomed to using a cloud-based service to store their documents and other files over the internet. Many companies offer it, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft Skydrive are the big names that headline the new and expanding service, but there are many other companies out there with a cloud as well. One of these lesser-known companies is a new one, called Bitcasa. But, considering they obviously are not the first to sell online storage to customers, they had to do something different to make users want to choose them to safely store their data- Bitcasa is offering unlimited online storage for just $100 a month.

Now, for regular users, storing an unlimited amount of data is completely unnecessary. Even just a few gigabytes of storage should be able to accommodate a normal computer user’s needs, but for others, tech junkies, photographers, etc. who need to store terabytes of data, this deal is one that can significantly help. But how is this even possible, especially considering the better known companies don’t have such a good deal?

Bitcasa takes all files that are uploaded to its service and does something different. It doesn’t just store them to a server, but first searches its servers to see if the file is already stored. For example, if a customer stores a song or video that another customer has already uploaded, or even that the Bitcasa server just happens to already have, it will be matched, meaning there is no need to upload the file itself. This takes out duplication of files, allowing for much more storage space.

This all sounds great, but there are still many negative aspects of Bitcasa’s service. First, Bitcasa does not allow file sharing, like that of Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, you will not be able to organize files in the Bitcasa application, making your uploads complete clutter and chaos. On top of that, only certain file types can be viewed online, such as music and photos, but certain other files will not be recognized, but just stored by the Bitcasa server. This is very difficult because you will have to download all of your files online before you can physically see them, making the downloading process very tedious.

Finally, this application is extremely new, raising both security issues and questions of how much information has already been stored, making files necessary to actually be uploaded, rather than matched, in the beginning. These negatives are being fixed, but right now, that is driving a lot of customers away from the impressive deal. If Bitcasa can gain more users, the service will be really fast and easy, but a lot of improvements must be made before that can happen.

By Matthew Balick
Insight Mag Correspondent

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