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The iPhone 5 may still seem new to those without it, continuing to persevere with their outdated 4 model, but the time has finally come for the next iPhone. Or actually iPhones. Yes, you read correctly, Apple could be unveiling two new iPhones next month, each new, different, and exciting. Not only could there be two new iPhones possibly released, remember these are all just from the rumor mill, but also there are reports pointing to the release of a new iPad and iPad mini.

Let’s start with the first iPhone, the expected 5S. Like the company did with both the 3S and the 4S, before they launch a totally new and improved model, Apple likes to make an in-between, hardware update, making its new phone a little bit better with some new added features. The 5S is not expected to be anything greater than just that, an improved CPU, a better 12 mega-pixel camera, and reduced power draining. All of these features are almost certain to be added to the 5S model. Some rumors, though, are pointing towards Apple adding a finger print scanner to the 5S, considering they purchased a company which specializes in just that earlier this year. But, it is not as likely as the other improvements that Apple will implement that feature in this phone, as they will most likely play with a finger scanner in the later iPhone 6, which will likely come out some time in 2014.
The 5C, though, is a much different approach to Apple mobile technology.

The 5C will be less expensive than the 5S, which will appeal to a more mid-ranged buyer market. This is hugely necessary for Apple, as many countries are beginning to fall out of Apple’s jurisdiction; the company is losing a lot of sales dollars to Samsung in that particular market. The 5C will feature hardware almost exactly the same hardware as the 5 currently does, with the same processor, camera, etc. But, the 5C may feature different colored plastic backings, which would be trendier than its big brother 5S. The 5C has not yet officially been confirmed by Apple and there is a possibility it will not even be released on the 10th; many believe it will be the next iPhone that will incorporate a less expensive model. But, don’t be surprised if there are not one, but actually two new iPhones that will go on sales to customers.

All in all, September 10 could be a huge day for Apple. The possibility of announcing 4 new devices is very exciting and will draw a lot of anticipation, which should be accompanied by a strong showing for pre-orders almost immediately. The devices will be great, just like the company has been sure to make them for the years of its existence; September 10 will not disappoint.

By Matt Balick
Insight Mag Correspondent

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