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The Cowboys have not been the amazing team they once were in the past few years. Sure, part of that has to do with the fact that we are an Eagles fan base, making our hatred for the team influence our feeling on their actual play, but the stats and numbers show that this Cowboys era has been one of turmoil. Their last Superbowl was in 1996, they haven’t been to the playoffs since 2009, where they quickly were beaten in the second round by Brett Favre and the Vikings, and they show no real signs of changing what has been in the past decade or so.

Despite the team’s unquestionable tough run, they still have the highest value in the NFL, worth about $2.3 billion, according to Forbes. They are the only team in the whole league that even breaks the $2 billion mark, even with their poor play. Part of their unbelievably high value is the sale of the naming rights of Cowboys Stadium, which was bought for $400 million by AT&T.
The second team behind them is the New England Patriots, who have probably the best franchise the league has seen in the past few years- they are worth about $1.8 billion. Then comes the Washington Redskins ($1.7 billion), the New York Giants ($1.55 billion), and the Houston Texans ($1.45 billion), which makes up the top five highest valued teams. Two spots out of making the top five, in seventh, is the Eagles at $1.31 billion, making the NFC East by far the most impressive division, with each of its teams in the top seven highest valued in the league.

In the NFL combined though, the average team value is interestingly high, at $1.17 billion, a number that is much higher than the competing leagues in both America and the world. MLB teams average about $744 million each, NBA teams are around $509 million on average, and NHL teams average out around $282 million. These leagues don’t even hold a candle to the NFL; even the best 20 soccer teams world wide average out at only $968 million. The NFL is no doubt an impressive financial entity and this past year made the league look even better. Ever single team other than the Kansas City Chiefs, who stayed at $1 billion, improved their overall value, with the St. Louis Rams improving a staggering 12%. The NFL is doing great, financially, and with the game itself, while the other sports of the world are left to simply watch on, wowed by footballs financial accomplishments.

By Matt Balick
Insight Mag Correspondent

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