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America separates itself from the rest of the world plenty. There’s the metric system debacle, is it 3pm or 15pm, and yet another to add to the list: the difference of ingredients. Certain ingredients in America seemed to be banned in numerous different countries. Some are hard to believe, but we understand why they’re banned. Here are five that give us the harsh reality of our unhealthy, yet delicious, foods:

Brominated Vegetable Oil – I wish I didn’t have to write this but… the oil is in sports drinks and sodas. Maybe not all, but definitely enough to tell the world. It’s been banned in more than 100 countries because of its possible toxic vapors, and may cause neurological disorders. It’s a sad day to all those Gatorade and soda drinkers because this is an even more reason to stop drinking these unhealthy drinks.

Yellow #6 – This one hits home. The food-dye color is mostly known to be in Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, you know the best food in the world? The bright orange-colored meal is also said to contain human carcinogen and is associated with hyperactivity, different allergies AND migraines. How can something so tasty be so terrible??

Growth Hormones rBgh and rBST – Best found in dairy products, this holds true to the fact that you should be drinking organic milk rather than processed! It’s been banned in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and the European Union. It could dangerously impact your life and you should, I repeat, eat and drink organic dairy products! Seriously!

Red #40 – My scrumptious maraschino cherries contain yet another thing banned in most other countries. Apparently, it is thought to cause cancer in your immune system. With that being said, this is certainly NOT recommended for kids! So, check the labels for this coloring because it’s banned from other countries for a reason!

Arsenic – After a study from Johns Hopkins University, it was found that there was arsenic within unnatural levels in chicken, healthy chicken that we’re supposed to eat that makes us healthy! If you’re exposed to a lot of arsenic then your skin could become discolored and potentially have warts. Yikes, these days we have to be careful everything!

Nicole Goroshovsky
Insight Mag Correspondent

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