You Must Have The Addiction!

Insight Magazine June 21, 2013 0
You Must Have The Addiction!

Passyunk is lucky to have a new boutique on their street! Addiction, owned by Alicia DiMichele, is amazing to put it simply. It has the trends you’re looking for no matter your style. You want rocker? There are shirts with studs and bags to match. You want that hipster-sheek? Bandeaus and cut-off shorts galore! And for the people who aren’t sure what they’re style is, you’ll figure it all out here. It’ll be hard not to buy something! From the creator herself, she admits, “One day I dress up rock-glam, and then the next day you could see me wearing bright colors and girly dresses. That’s what I wanted to bring to the store, that sense that you could find it all right here.”

From having a store in Cherry Hill, to moving to the up-and-coming South Philly, DiMichele was not surprised one bit knowing she would have to open another store. “I like to think I dream big. This definitely isn’t the last for me,” hinting that she would most certainly be likes the idea of opening more Addiction stores throughout the country. And the most interesting idea that surely separates her from the generic H&Ms and Urban Outfitters’ of the world is that she handpicks everything in her stores. From rings, bags, shirts, dresses, bracelets, there are just so many things we can’t name them all, Alicia DiMichele is the mastermind for her in-store aesthetic.

Another amazing feature, once an item is sold-out, “it’s gone. I don’t restock. I just reorder new things and items with each shipment,” an interesting way the public can leave with the exclusivity of what they buy; knowing that there are only a limited amount of people who are wearing “my” shirt. Best part: super reasonably priced! Skirts and shorts, only $50, and for great quality!

So while you’re strolling the streets of Passyunk, go on and take a look. If you’re a girl, or anyone at all, it’ll be like walking in a shopper’s wonderland! Enjoy!







Nicole Goroshovsky
Insight Mag Correspondent

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