Computer Users Cautioned Against Web Cam Hackers

Insight Magazine June 23, 2013 2
Computer Users Cautioned Against Web Cam Hackers

A non-profit organization, Childnet International, have released a warning to computer owners that have an attached web cam. Recently, hackers have been able to open up your web cam without your knowledge. Usually, the things that cause this would be newly set viruses, that would turn on the web cam without the light flashing, so you are completely unaware that the device is in use.

Surely, you can get an anti-virus software that can help eliminate all the viruses, if any, on the computer. Just for precautions, you should close the laptop, and if you have a desktop, a small piece of paper to cover up the web cam would suffice when not in use.

Childnet international is an organization that helps kids stay safe on the internet. Finding out that advanced hackers can go through web cams is quite a serious situation to review and discuss among children and others for awareness.

Kevin Oreshko
Insight Mag Correspondent

  • Asya

    Very interesting article!

  • myinsightmag

    It is! And it allows users to stay protected!

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