“Cloth” Has Your Every Baby Need!

Insight Magazine June 24, 2013 0
“Cloth” Has Your Every Baby Need!

Yet another win for Passyunk! “Cloth”, a brand new baby store that has only been open a couple of weeks, has become the city’s go-to baby store and we understand why.

The store began purely because Angela and Shai Halperin, the dream-team couple behind “Cloth” and residents of Passyunk since 2007, wanted an easier solution when finding cloth diapers. “When we just had Elliot (pictured below), we saw ourselves driving at least 35 minutes with each cloth diaper run because the closest was outside the city. So that created the idea of ‘Cloth’,” said Angela.

Cloth diapers, for those who don’t know, were diapers that could be reused, are mostly made from natural fibers mixed with manmade fibers, and the “old fashioned” way of diapering. But nowadays, this has become the new phenomenon and the more practical way for using and buying diapers, mostly because the reusable diapers will literally save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Seriously.

“Cloth” has your every baby need! The lotions, the powders, the clothes and obviously diapers, just to name a few. And that alone is a bit of an understatement. There are also different brands and fabrics of whatever you’re looking for. This store should be your first go-to for your baby’s care!

To answer the question of “What makes you different?” Shai responded, “We’re the general store of the baby stores. We wanted to open ‘Cloth’ in Passyunk because for one thing, it’s easier for people to come and get their supplies without wasting the gas money. And also because we know it’s easier to go a well-known store, but even for me, I would go to the general store across the street rather than go to a Lowes or something because it’s that sense of community and that sense of support and care that everyone should get.”

With all this being said, you future and current mommies out there should check this out! Don’t look for that generic Walgreens or Baby’s R Us, get the tender, love, and care you need at “Cloth”, located at 1605 E. Passyunk Avenue! You’re welcome!






Nicole Goroshovsky
Insight Mag Correspondent

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