Weird Remedies to Cure a Headache

Insight Magazine May 14, 2013 2
Weird Remedies to Cure a Headache

For some of us, headaches are just inescapable. We get them daily, they throw off our whole day, and all we want to do is crawl up in a ball and wait it out. At times, even medication doesn’t help us or we already consumed too much of it. But maybe you’re relying on medication too much! What if there are other remedies to cure a headache which you have never considered doing before? Read on to find out other, maybe even more beneficial headache remedies out there. They are all cheap, easy to perform, and keep you from adding chemicals to your body.

Mustard-laced foot bath. Grab a large plastic bowl and fill it with hot water, add one tablespoon of dry mustard powder and soak your feet in it for twenty minutes. This works best with vascular headaches.

Aromatherapy. Apply peppermint oil under your nose and take deep breaths. Perform this for 10-15 minutes and watch your head feel better.

Pressure point. Squeeze the pressure point between your index and thumb, also known as the webbing area. Squeeze this area with your other thumb and index finger for about one minute.

Ginger Tea. Treat yourself to a warm cup of ginger tea. Grate fresh ginger and add to a cup of warm water. Allow it to steep 4-5 minutes, then enjoy!

Some may know this, but others do not. One of the biggest reasons for a headache is dehydration. If you have been neglecting your body of water, now is the perfect time to refuel. So make sure you drink plenty of fluids before even considering to try any of these remedies, because your headache may be due to that.

Olga Astreika
Insight Mag Correspondent

  • phunnyphilly

    Maltose, dextrose, maltodextrin (and some other foods in sensitive individuals) can trigger migraines. What you eat could be causing your migraine headaches which are caused by inflammation so these remedies listed probably won’t work.

  • Insight Magazine

    These remedies of course won’t work on every single person. However, for minor headaches they do help. Especially if one does not wish to consume pills.

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