New Ad Contains Child Holding Riffle To Promote Gun Regulations

Insight Magazine April 16, 2013 2
New Ad Contains Child Holding Riffle To Promote Gun Regulations

A new ad released on Monday by the Moms Demand Action for gun Sense in America organization has two little girls sitting in a school library. One of the girls is holding a copy of the “Little Red Riding Hood,” while the other girl is holding an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Up-top the ad reads “one child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them, guess which one.”

Many would jump to conclusions and state that the banned item is the riffle, right? Wrong. It’s actually the Little Red Riding Hood because it featured a bottle of wine in her basket.

This is the first of several ads which are being rolled out for pro-gun-regulations after the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last year.

Some believe that even after the shooting where 20 innocent children lost their life, we are dragging our feet in banning assault weapons. Seeing two children, one holding a riffle and the other a children book is incredibly powerful. The ad is supposed to bring up emotions and feelings within us about how it feels to see guns in schools.

Other ad part of the campaign includes a boy with a basketball and while another youth holds a riffle next to him.

One of the goals of Moms Demand Action is to reduce the amount of ammunition each weapon holds. Also, they want everyone purchasing a riffle or ammunition to undergo a background check and ammunition should not be obtainable over the internet.

Olga Astreika
Insight Mag Correspondent

  • Anna Maria Perez

    Horrible Photoshop job. Bad magic wand fill flooding into hands. Forgot to erase area between lower arm and gun. Image reversed made obvious by wording on ear protection. Moms Demand are morons, though. Their ads are always childish.

  • Peter Kuck

    Also the rifle bolt is reversed from the right side of the receiver to the left side of the receiver

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