Cannabis Dependence

Insight Magazine April 16, 2013 0
Cannabis Dependence

My boyfriend smokes marijuana almost every single day. His excuse is that it calms him down and allows him to sleep better. I really can’t stand the smell or the thought of him doing it anymore. I’ve considered giving him an ultimatum, but I don’t know if that’s right. Help!

You have to face the reality that he might not stop. Some people consider it to be like having a few glasses of wine at night. He needs to know that it bothers you. Tell him what your issues are with it specifically. You have every right to feel the way that you feel; but make sure you give him a chance before you throw an ultimatum at him. You are walking on thin ice with the ultimatum because what if he picks the weed? Are you prepared to leave him over this? Would you consider this a deal breaker? If you answered yes to these questions then go right ahead and tell him that either the weed is out or you’re out. He might think you are overreacting at first, but ultimately he’ll see how much this means to you. Fair warning though, the outcome of your relationship will depend on how much he’s accustomed to using the drug as a crutch. Make sure this isn’t more than you bargained for.

Elina Khusid
Insight Relationship Expert

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