New spring menu at Serrano restaurant by Gina Rodriguez

Insight Magazine March 22, 2013 0
New spring menu at Serrano restaurant by Gina Rodriguez

Insight Magazine had the good fortune to get an invite to Serrano restaurant’s media tasting event for its new spring menu. We ventured into the heart of Old City, Philadelphia to taste Serrano’s delicious food at a neighborhood price! And thank you to Aversa PR for the invitation to this event, because it was AMAZING!

The restaurant debuted two cocktails – the 6th Thyme (house made mead with local honey, aperol, thyme, and white cranberry) and Jim Dandy In the Everglades (orange vodka, peach bitters, and prosecco). Hors d’oeuvres included shrimp mousse in French brick and truffled herb, corn fritters with cayenne honey drizzle and heirloom tomato with house made ricotta. Mouth watering yet? It gets better! For the first course we were served a watermelon salad, steamed muscles and a spring flatbread (note to restaurant goers: the flatbread Serrano serves changes DAILY!). The second course consisted of our choice of lamb, jumbo scallops or a spring vegetable curry (sadly, we could only choose one!). Finally, for dessert we had a seasonal fruit tart and house made ice cream. This is typically the time in the review where we tell you our favorites. But, we’d be remiss if we only picked one for you. Everything tasted amazing! You should stop by Serrano EVERY time you’re in the area so that you get a chance to try everything!

Want a little history? Donal McCoy, owner of Serrano restaurant brought Gina Rodriguez on board as Executive Chef to revamp the menu with her own tastes and creations. Cooking, however, has not always been Chef Rodriguez’s chosen career. She first obtained a psychology degree and worked at a behavioral health center in Tucson, Arizona. Before settling in at Serrano, Rodriguez worked as Executive Chef at Kokopelli and Max and David’s.

Come on by!

Gina Rodriguez, Executive Chef

Kory Aversa, Owner of Aversa PR.



Lauren Kin
Insight Mag Correspondent

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