Why Does my Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tablet Keep Crashing?

Insight Magazine February 25, 2013 2
Why Does my Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tablet Keep Crashing?

Many Samsung Galaxy users are experiencing an extremely annoying bug, one that is causing both the Galaxy phone and tablet to crash unexpectedly. Regular users cannot seem to find the source of the problem, but are realizing that after the crash, the copy and paste function on their device does not work correctly. This problem is very odd.
According to many complaints and Samsung’s research, the problem is coming from copying and pasting too much (sometimes up to 20 times). But why in the world would that be the source of such an inconvenient problem; Samsung realized there must be a specific source. The company continued to look deeper into this bug and finally found the heart of the problem, Touch Wiz. Touch Wiz is Samsung’s program that provides their phones and tablets with the ability to be an efficiently use their devices’ touch screens. The program that is in many ways the heart of the Samsung Galaxy is causing the phone to shut down, a problem deeply rooted in the device’s software. And, as users have continued to notice this problem, even the camera application has been causing this infuriating bug.
So this must be good news to Samsung users, right? The company has found the source to the problem and all they have to do is patch the software. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Samsung phones run on Android and, in order to fully fix a bug, both the carriers and manufacturers of a given device must work together to agree on a patch that Android will put out in the form of a software update. This becomes an extremely tedious process, one that has not been completed as of now.
On the bright side, currently, Android versions 3.0-4.1 are the only affected versions of the operating system according to Samsung testing. There have also been many updates to Touch Wiz and some of them have fixed certain devices. So maybe there is some hope for Samsung users, that eventually, this unnerving issue will be resolved.

Matthew Balick
Insight Mag Correspondent

  • Laura Ringle Markley

    My Samsung Tab2 just updated, and now crashes, when it hadn’t before. Every time I try to play games through Facebook it occurs! The keyboard doesn’t seem to have a retract button now, so I have to deal with it using up 1/2 the screen! I am very frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.


    But what about tablet 3 already crashed ?

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