Is Technology taking over our jobs?

Insight Magazine January 5, 2012 0
Is Technology taking over our jobs?

With continuous advances in technology, our jobs are being replaced by computers. Most recently, the postal service has experienced a decline in postal mail because people are going paperless and finding that electronic mail is faster and more convenient for them (not to mention it cuts down on junk mail). Many people do not have computers and the older generations prefer the nostalgia of paper mail, but they are probably not enough to keep the Postal Service in business.

The U.S. postal service has already made plans to shut down over 4,000 offices and has a $9 billion deficit. They have tried to keep up by offering internet services at post offices and designing phone applications, but these alternatives were not favored by the public.

The postal service is not the only casualty. Look at book stores such as Barnes and Nobles or Borders. These stores are shutting down one by one. The introduction of the electronic Nook and the Kindle is killing the bookstore industry. Why lug around heavy books when you can download any book you want to read and use a lightweight electronic device to read, research, and play games all in one? We are facing a time of enormous technological advancement, but could convenience be leading to unemployment? Let us know what you think!

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